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Our services empower you by giving a comprehensive view of your Purchase Order and Invoice spend, so you can make better decisions.

Patients and taxpayers benefit, and in the end that means that we all benefit.


You’re in good company when it comes to analytics. This service gives you everything you need and is used by most trusts within the NHS.

You’ll sign in to your account and have access to all your available analytics, where you can drill down through the detail of your big numbers and get to the raw data.

Platform gives you:

  • intuitive design
  • a simple high-level view of spend
  • complete visibility of numbers
  • technical support via email & phone
  • guidance through website FAQs and support articles
  • weekly introductory training sessions available
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You’re in very good company when it comes to insights. This service includes the same features as Platform gives you, and then the ‘plus’ is that you get us on board to ensure you get the most out of the service.

Experts from AdviseInc go into your data behind the scenes and do the in-depth analysis for you.

Platform Plus gives you:

  • a quick positive return on investment
  • AdviseInc as your team of analysts
  • turbocharged insights
  • live chat within Platform
  • more insights behind the data
  • support management meetings with insights
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Case Studies

Customers who are using our services

“Service helps support opportunity delivery across SmartTogether trusts”

David Lawson

Chief Procurement Officer,
SmartTogether (Procurement Department)
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

“With AdviseInc, it’s more than just a tool!”

Simon Walsh

Group Procurement Director,
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

“They would certainly have a head start compared with anyone else in the sector, and I have confidence they would be able to deliver what we need.”

Celia Poole

Clinical Procurement Manager – Corporate Services
Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

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