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The Client

David Lawson
Chief Procurement Officer, SmartTogether (Procurement Department), Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

There’s always interesting things happening at Guy’s and St Thomas’

NHS Trust. It’s kept me here for 18 years. We currently host a procurement shared service called SmartTogether, which also supports Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. That’s five hospitals in total. And each one has its own health cost improvement plan.

AdviseInc’s price benchmarking tool helps support the pipeline of initiatives, and identify price variations between the different hospitals. The fact we support both Great Ormond Street and the London Evelina Children’s Hospital within Guy’s and St Thomas’ gives us a huge opportunity to look at product pricing across two large specialist paediatric hospitals within the same group. It also identifies any variants between other hospitals across the UK.

Why AdviseInc

Why we wanted AdviseInc…

AdviseInc is well thought of in terms of being proactive, responsive and wanting to do the best for the procurement team – that’s a real positive. Before then, we used a different price benchmarking tool, but my team

found it difficult to navigate so they didn’t use it as much. A big benefit to the AdviseInc tool is that it’s based on Qlik. It’s more intuitive to use, and the fact that it’s user-friendly means we can get real value from it. The sourcing team use it daily as a reference point for their CIP development, analysis and validation. It’s now part of business as usual.

Another limitation of the previous benchmarking tool is that it only looked at purchase order data. But there could be other transactions that weren’t covered by purchase order, so these weren’t referenced by the tool. What AdviseInc has offered is the Procurement Dashboard (PD) system, an additional tool with the advantage of looking at invoice data too. We’ve found this beneficial, as it gives you a complete overview of your non-pay spend.

The Future

Why insight is so important…

As well as being used as a tool for analysis, I also use it as a reporting tool for meetings involving internal committees or briefings with clinical teams to give an overview of their non-pay spend. From a presentation point of view, showing that the procurement team has an analytical tool that can provide this level of insight gives us credibility. So, it really helps me to present updates and opportunities.

When we were asked to support Great Ormond Street Hospital, we used the Price Benchmarking tool to provide some insight for them. It quickly identified that the Orthopaedic team were paying double the price for a specific spinal product compared to another Orthopaedic centre in a different part of the country… even though that centre was buying less of the product. We presented this to finance and the Medical Director to highlight the savings opportunity that could be made. We were then able to negotiate a much lower price with the supplier. That saved Great Ormond Street about £220,000 – essentially a 50% saving.

More Case Studies

“AdviseInc helped us Increase visibility, save money and get better control of our spend”

David Streets

Head of Procurement & Supplies
University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

“We recently broke the £1m barrier for savings. Thanks to AdviseInc”

Wyn Owens

Deputy Head of Sourcing
Medical/Clinical - NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

“AdviseInc provide us with insights into what’s going on and where to focus our efforts”

Alan Hoskins

Ex. Director of Procurement and Commercial Services
NHS South of England Procurement Services

“With AdviseInc, you get more than just a tool!”

Simon Walsh

Group Procurement Director,
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

“AdviseInc's familiarity of the clinical products and suppliers was invaluable.”

Celia Poole

Clinical Procurement Manager – Corporate Services
Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership

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