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22 April 2020 by Mat Oram

Just over four weeks ago the world changed for all of us. Not only did our personal lives change significantly, but our business also changed too. No longer were hospitals as interested in Price Benchmarking or Spend Analytics, so we made a bold move.  We offered our whole team up for FREE to support NHS organisations with analysis. 

In the first day, we were inundated with requests for bits of analysis from our customers. Pricing up stock takes, finding alternative suppliers and price benchmarking products. Then we took a call from a hospital in the midlands, “”Can you help us track PPE across the hospital and forecast demand?””. Following a quick call, we discovered the trust was using Excel to track PPE across various locations. There was inconsistency in the data, filed names changed, units of measure changed.  It proved really difficult for anyone to analyse and it was a very manual exercise.  Could we help? Yes of course!

So, that same afternoon, our fantastic team of developers created a simple web form and an analytics app, and StockWatch was born.

That evening we tweeted our work and then everything became a blur. Through some very agile support, we’d pivoted the business overnight to help our friend and colleagues in public services solve a problem they were all facing.  Where is my PPE? And how much do i have left? 

The whole team have worked 7 days a week for 4 weeks solid to service demand from hospitals, councils, social care, care homes and transport services for access.  Yesterday our 100th organisation went live and we’re onboarding a further 60, with more to follow. We work closely with Gold Command across multiple regions and our analytics have been used to help organisations running out of stock, like gowns, by providing visibility and enabling prompt mutual aid. Without our tool, this would be difficult.


“AdviseInc’s free PPE Tracker has been a key>enabler in understanding & tracking PPE across all of our public services in Greater Manchester. In a matter of days, we’ve gone from spreadsheets and inconsistent data to a clean, single source of the truth that is updated in near real-time. The numbers are now a core part of our daily meetings and enables the system to clearly understand daily stock levels of PPE across the region and better forecast demand. It was evidenced at the end of the first week when our MoD colleagues were able to use the data to feed into the national picture with data available at the click of a button. We really appreciate the time and effort AdviseInc and Clear AI are putting into this at such a critical time for our public services.””

Neil Hind, GM NHS Procurement Programme Director, NHS in Greater Manchester

We’ve partnered with Supply Chain Artificial Intelligence experts to provide demand forecasting using Machine Learning on top of clinical, epidemiological, and capacity data. Plus, our other partners in Qlik are providing FREE licenses and R2Consulting & Jackie Pomroy Consulting are working with us to support as many organisations as possible with insight and help on the ground. 

And best of all, for FREE to our public services.

If you’re a public service, please contact us at to find out more and get started.  Most organisations are live the same day.


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