Feature Subject: the future of analytics

28 October 2021 by Mat Oram

The way we visualise data in Procurement Dashboard and Price Benchmarking applications is changing.

In the future you’ll have access to all the great insights, but we’re also exploring chat, helping you collaborate with your colleagues, and our team at AdviseInc. 

“Measuring what matters is important, but so is the workflow around the insights” explains Mat Oram, Co-founder and CEO at AdviseInc. 

“Greater interaction, within individual teams and across regions has never been more important. We want to help our customers not only get the most out of their procurement data and insights, but make sense of it together. Then, harness it to achieve greater value for money from their supply chain.”

Through the addition of chat, and the ability to write data back into AdviseInc data stores directly, we will create the space for people to come together to analyse, explore, validate and visualise their procurement data. It will enable procurement professionals to learn and share what they’re doing to drive greater efficiencies for their organisations. This gives everyone involved a more holistic view and enables deeper insights, in real-time.

Collaboration leads to a more productive work environment and collaborating around procurement data isn’t any different. When done right, it has the potential to transform data management as we know it and become invaluable for data-driven decision-making, helping validate assumptions that can save millions of pounds.

Chat is in development with an aim to release it in 2022. In addition, you’ll soon see a more responsive interface for mobile/tablet working, so you can switch devices effortlessly plus introducing single sign-on, and email address login for all of our users across all our applications. This means you’ll login once with an email address and have access to all of our resources.

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