Control Tower

28 October 2021 by Mat Oram

Speaking with a number of our customers, we know how big a task the transition to an integrated model of care is going to be. For regional procurement leads, one of the most pressing anxieties is the lack of visibility and control you may or may not now have, with a greater number of sites to manage across a larger region.

To help navigate this transition, our team is working closely with ICS teams and buying groups to develop Control Tower, our latest innovation that pulls together a number of our existing solutions into one platform and provides region-wide metrics to ensure you maintain control. 

But we don’t believe in analytics for analytics sake. To make a meaningful difference, data needs a purpose and it must be actionable. 

To ensure procurement teams maximise the value of their data, Control Tower will give you more control over the data you see. This data will then be presented against key>Performance Indicators, providing actionable insight to drive action in the areas it is needed most. 

Work is well underway with Control Tower, with a launch date for Phase 1 scheduled for April 2022. To find out more information, contact

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