Eight key>moments of AdviseInc

27 April 2022 by Mat Oram

1. Before AdviseInc  

Before founding AdviseInc, our team worked exclusively in and around the NHS in procurement. We created the first STP-wide spend analytics tool and quickly realised the power of data and insight. We also wrote and launched a number of collaborative procurement hub business cases across the NHS. 

2. The Launch of AdviseInc  

In 2014, we launched AdviseInc with hopes to help procurement transform through a combination on analytics, advisory and delivery support. 

3. Launch of Price Discovery  

In 2015 we launched he first price comparison service for NHS trusts, which was used across 35 trusts. We proved like-for-like comparisons were possible when others were simply visualising spend.  

4. Launch of Purchase Price Index and Benchmark (PPIB) 

2016 saw us win the contract to provide PPIB across NHS England – a world first! In the same year, we rolled this out to NHS Wales. We were the first to provide visibility of the £billions spent by the NHS on systems and services, and identifying £millions in unwarranted variation – a very proud moment for the AdviseInc team.  

5. Launch of PD 

After recognising that benchmarking only provides visibility to 10-15% of non-pay spend, in 2017 we created PD to make this 100%. We also created a team to add classification to spend, allowing for granular analysis of a range of attributes. We now have 150 NHS trusts utilising PPIB and are looking to extend this to cover all 236 NHS provider trusts.   

6. Product Switching 

2018 saw PPIB extended for one more year as we continued to develop our applications to add more insight. We work alongside suppliers to embed product switching so that users are able to save significant funds through the ability to see alternative products and suppliers.  

7. International Pricing  

NHSE/I launched Spend Comparison Service (SCS), its own version of PPIB. We then rebranded PPIB as Price Benchmarking (PB) in 2019. We added a lot more value to product and route switching as well as reducing the costs to ensure we remain the provider of choice for analytics. We began to work alongside international healthcare and use AI to cleanse and add value to our services.  

8. More tools & Insight   

From 2020 onwards, we continued to develop PB and PD to provide more in catalogue checking and contract management modules. We give the insights for a range of category towers to turbo charge their savings delivery.  

In addition to this, we launched PD+, our full analytics service. This is more than just a tool, we’re now the outsourced procurement analytics function for a growing number of trusts. During the pandemic, we also provided a free PPE tracker, ‘StockWatch’ to over 250 public service organisations.  

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